While there are at least eight different types of Valuation Methods, TAS generally conducts three different types of appraisals:

This is the most common form of appraisal, which provides a line by line listing of assets, inventories, chattels, leasehold improvements and third party goods stating an individual value for each.

The report will follow a logical order through each location within the facility and the appraiser will document everything deemed to have value. The report may include a photo log of all listed assets or significant assets only.
This type of appraisal requires time on-site—which will vary depending on the size and complexity of operations—and will always provide the most accurate valuation.

This is an option to a Full or Detailed Appraisal when there are constraints of time, money and/or access to the assets and you need to make some major decisions in a relatively short time. It provides a cost effective snapshot of value useful in determining next steps or future actions.

A walk through of the premises will yield aggregate values without the time and cost of a lengthy inspection.

A third reporting option, this is ideal if you need near instant turnaround and don’t require a visual inspection of the assets. The appraiser’s opinion is based on documentation (photos, lists and descriptions) supplied by the client. An abbreviated report is sent by email and an electronic signature supports the findings.

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